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Esoteric is described as of special, rare, or unusual interest.

Esoterica the Podcast is discussions and reviews of the obscure, offbeat and unusual. Music, movies, board games, books, hobbies… anything that strikes our fancy!

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S2FF2 Webb Wilder

Last of the full grown men, Webb Wilder joins us for our latest “Famous Folks” episode. Mississippi born, Webb is a rock & roll musician, singer and actor. He has released twelve studio albums, with his latest Night Without Love just recently released. We caught up with Webb to discuss his favorite album, and the … More S2FF2 Webb Wilder

S2E2 Sackcloth & Ashes

Let there be no hesitationGet a rope and make it quickEach last breath come from his mouthI will beat it out with a stick Strong Man by 16 Horsepower We start off our second season discussing the mesmerizing sounds of 16 Horsepower’s 1996 debut, Sackcloth & Ashes. Formed in Los Angeles in 1992, 16 Horsepower … More S2E2 Sackcloth & Ashes

S2FF1 Nicole Hendizadeh

For our first episode of this season’s “Famous Folk” we have a very special guest: Nicole Hendizadeh! Nicole is a chef, culinary expert and part of the Mythical Kitchen crew. Mythical Kitchen is part of Rhett & Link‘s YouTube channels. The channel is a hub for all food featured videos, and it is run by … More S2FF1 Nicole Hendizadeh


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