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Esoteric is described as of special, rare, or unusual interest.

Esoterica the Podcast is discussions and reviews of the obscure, offbeat and unusual. Music, movies, board games, books, hobbies… anything that strikes our fancy!

Esoterica Goes Blue Esoterica The Podcast

It is a dark time for the Esoterica. Although the Old Format has been destroyed, Chris and Aaron have driven the show from it's tried and true methods and created something less likely to make you fall asleep. Welcome to Season 4! New season, new format, same guys, still no pants. Joining us today is Marty (@OliverRedboots) from the Rod in Flagon Podcast talking to us about his podcast and helping us feel out this new format!  Be sure to check out our website for your Esoterica the Podcast merch and bonus content! Now, onto the show! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/esoterica-the-podcast/message
  1. Esoterica Goes Blue
  2. BUMMER (with cleopatrick)
  3. Loss of the Lizard Lady (w/ Molly Harvey)
  4. Something Could be Nothing (w/ Fat Boys and Little Men)
  5. you'll be fine

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