S1E2 Jaws of the Shark

This was our first actual episode where we followed a set format, and would shape the episodes that follow. We start with musings on a particular subject before launching into a review of an esoteric album.

This episode was also recorded on a cell phone, so the sound quality is not the greatest. Since this particular album is in the public domain, we decided to let it play in the background as we talked over it. We probably won’t do that again.

Having purchased two different non-mainstream sodas, we decided to make it a tradition to review a beverage on each episode. This time around it was Gosling’s Ginger Beer. We mused about Etsy, and briefly fell down a rabbit hole after discovering The Dog Police. I’d provide a link, but that’s going to be a future episode. So stay tuned.

As I mentioned, Jaws of the Shark is in the public domain. You can check it out in it’s entirety here, at the Internet Archives.

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