S1E4 Use of the Headlock Dummy

Hey, Chris again. For this episode, we take a listen to The Sound Museum Presents Use of the Headlock Dummy, a compilation album of Boston based bands from 1988.

Continuing our inadvertent tradition of sampling offbeat sodas, we try out Simpson Spring’s coffee soda. This is followed by a discussion about shungite soap and a mention of The Vulgar Tongue.

I feel like this is the episode where we really hit our stride, despite my suffering from laryngitis. We found a good space to record in, purchased new audio equipment, and established our format. For the album review, we discuss each track, play a clip, and then review it.

Use of the Headlock Dummy is out of print, but you can listen to it on Youtube here. In researching the various bands, I discovered that the Bentmen are still active and actually playing a show in Somerville on March 21. Two Ton C’mon are also still active. The rest appear to have disbanded.

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