S1E4.5 Smarch Weather

This year is a Leap Year. In honor of an extra day, Aaron and I decided to record a short bonus episode. We reviewed one song, Tim Rose’s Long Time Man, instead of a whole album.

The majority of this episode, clocking in at a scant 16 minutes, revolves around a discussion of leap day and the coronavirus. I make the suggestion of changing leap day from an extra day in February to a one day month called Smarch. Smarch would only be observed every four years, so no change from the present day Leap Day. The only difference is Smarch would rotate which month it falls between. Just to keep things interesting. For the sake of driving this train of thought to it’s illogical end, I created a petition on Change.org, which you can sign here.

We have developed a schedule of releasing episodes on Wednesdays. Our next episode, Sports, will drop on March 4th, and I’ll post about it on that date, Until then, stay off beat!

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