S1E6 A GI’s Germany!

Dies war eine interessante Folge!

We started off by sampling Flathead Lake’s Huckleberry Soda. Easier going down than some of the brands that we have tried, but a little too fruity. This was followed by a lively talk concerning ethnic pride (link to George Carlin’s take on the subject) and the newly minted Space Force. You can check out the entire Space Force song here.

We then review the 1962 album “A GI’s Germany in Sound and Music!” You can listen for yourself here. We’re very interested in hearing from anybody who was stationed in Germany as to whether or not this is reflective of their experience. There was very little information online about this album, but there appears to be a series of similar publications aimed at US servicemen.

Our next few reviews will focus on more recent albums, some of which are still in print and available, just far from the beaten track. We’ll continue to seek out treasures like this one for future episodes. For now, gute nacht!

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