S1E16 Frank & Clyde Play the Music You’ve Asked For (w/ Homer Flynn)

“The biggest little band in the land!”

We’re pretty excited about this episode. Rather than discussing one of our favorite esoteric albums, we have a guest who shares his! Homer Flynn, president of the Cryptic Corporation and manager of The Residents, joins us to discuss life during the pandemic, what The Residents have been up to, and share one of his favorite obscure albums.

“Frank & Clyde Play the Music You’ve Asked For” was released in 1962 by Carriage Records. Very little information could be found about this Indiana based duo, other than what is written on the album’s liner notes. Frank Hope and Clyde Smith met in the early 40’s. They joined forces and played many venues in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. They released two albums, both long out of print.

Homer mentions that this album was an early favorite of The Residents, and they often played it. You can hear echoes of this album in some of their earliest works, most notably the Warner Bros album and Meet the Residents. The song “Maxine” was used as walk in music during the Demons Dance Alone tour, and was remixed as a track on Charles Bobuck’s 2014 release “Maxine.”

As a Residents fan myself, I know all too well how obsessive we can be. Since Frank & Clyde is unavailable other than a few original copies floating around auction sites, we uploaded the album to the Internet Archives so all fans can enjoy the music, and hear something that was enjoyed by The Residents in their early, formative days. You can check out Frank & Clyde Play the Songs You’ve Asked For here.

2 thoughts on “S1E16 Frank & Clyde Play the Music You’ve Asked For (w/ Homer Flynn)

  1. Hi, Im the great granddaughter of Frank Hope. His son is still alive and would love to give you more information about Frank and Clyde, since not much is known to the public. We even has some of his old instruments. However, the band actually made 3 albums “the music you’ve asked for,” “ the new music you’ve asked for,” “a musical ride with frank and Clyde.” Our family would love to talk about the band if you would be willing to listen.

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