S1Bonus: Bob “The Rube” Rubin

Although our focus has been on music for our first season, it is our mission here at Esoterica the Podcast to shine a light on the esoteric in general. Music, movies, books, subculture, whatever tickles our fancy. To that end, we have a treat for you!

Esoteric in his own right, San Francisco based stand up comic Bob “The Rube” Rubin joins us for a free wheeling discussion. How The Rube’s mind works is God’s own private mystery, but he takes us along for the ride for this episode.

When The Rube does his act, he doesn’t just take the stage, he attacks it. His material is incredibly detailed, and is best appreciated by multiple listens (hint, hint).

You can find out all about The Rube at his website RubeTime.com. Make sure to check out his Netflix special Oddities and Rarities. You won’t regret it!

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