S1E19 Hobo Johnsons 94 Corolla

Riffing on a theme, Aaron and I start this episode off musing about our first cars. Like your first love, no matter how bad it ends, it always sticks with you.

The subject of this episode is Hobo Johnson’s album Hobo Johnson’s 94 Corolla. Hobo Johnson is the stage name of American vocalist Frank Lopes Jr. Hailing from California, Hobo johnson was kicked out of his house by father at age 19, spending time living in his car. It was in that car, a 94 Corolla, that Johnson recorded his debut album.

You can find official Hobo Johnson merch and albums at his website, Hobojohnson.com. The album Hobo Johnson’s 94 Corolla is only avaiable on Soundcloud.

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