S1E21 Trying

After knocking back a cold Sam Adams’ Porch Rocker to celebrate our last regular episode of the season, Aaron and I discuss local band Something Saturday’s album Trying.

Vocalist Aaron Christian joins us to discuss the album track by track, as well as talk about the recording process. Something Saturday was created from the ashes of Aaron and drummer Tim Cordeiro’s band “No Structure”. Christian and Cordeiro wrote 9 demo tracks which collectively was titled “Fahrenheit” which they recorded in Aaron’s garage in the middle of December 2015 under the name “The Trash Bandits”. After many lineup changes and in need of a rhythm guitarist for a local Battle of the Bands, Mike Bergeron joined in 2016 to fill spot. In December 2016, the band officially changed their name to “My Guilty Pleasure” and began work on their first EP.

Their first EP, “How the Other Half Lives”, was released in August 2017 and was recorded in local friend Jake Morse’s bedroom.

In January 2018 the band released a single titled “They’ll Never Leave You Alone” and another single that February titled “Damsel in Distress” in preparation for the release of their first full length record.

After the completion of the recording of their first album, Bassist Cole Fountain joined the band in April 2018.

Something Saturday released their first album “Trying” on June 1, 2018. “Trying” explores the topic of trivial problems typical teenagers go through.

In July 2018, due to circumstances beyond their control, the band changed their name to “Something Saturday”

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