S2FF1 Nicole Hendizadeh

For our first episode of this season’s “Famous Folk” we have a very special guest: Nicole Hendizadeh!

Nicole is a chef, culinary expert and part of the Mythical Kitchen crew. Mythical Kitchen is part of Rhett & Link‘s YouTube channels. The channel is a hub for all food featured videos, and it is run by the Mythical Chefs, Josh Scherer, Nicole Hendizadeh, and Trevor Evarts. It contains several series such as: “Fancy Fast Food”, which takes famous fast food items to the next level and “Snack Smash,” a food series that combines two snacks to create one creative concoction. Nicole is also co-host of the podcast A Hotdog is a Sandwich, where she and Josh Scherer discuss, debate, and dissect the web’s most hilariously controversial culinary quandaries.

Nicole shares with us her favorite obscure album, Black Sands by Bonobo. Bonobo is the stage name of British musician, producer and DJ Simon Green. Black Sands, released in 2010, is his fourth studio album.

Make sure to stay tuned until the end of our interview, as Nicole leaves us with a fascinating list of bands to check out in addition to Bonobos.

Make sure to follow Nicole on Instagram @Nicolehendizadeh. Check out her podcast, A Hotdog is a Sandwich, and don’t forget to subscribe to Mythical Kitchen!

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