S2FF2 Webb Wilder

Last of the full grown men, Webb Wilder joins us for our latest “Famous Folks” episode.

Mississippi born, Webb is a rock & roll musician, singer and actor. He has released twelve studio albums, with his latest Night Without Love just recently released.

We caught up with Webb to discuss his favorite album, and the man does not fool around when it come to obscure! Webb introduced us to the 1969 album One Eye Open by Mask Man and the Agents. The album is long out of print, and hard to come find online, although you can find some of the tracks on YouTube. The Mask Man was Harmon Bethea, who tried for years to break into the mainstream before stumbling on the Masked Man identity that managed to give him the break he had sought for so long.

You can find all you need to know about Webb on his website, WebbWilder.com. Make sure to check out his official Facebook page to catch his latest quarantine concert!

Each week on WMOT Roots Radio, you can listen in to Webb’s countdown program, The List, when he shares his unique perspective and insights regarding the latest goings-on in world of the contemporary Roots and Americana music genres.

The show is normally broadcast on Fridays, from 2pm to 4pm Central, and repeated on Saturday mornings from 7am to 9am Central. If you’re located in the Middle Tennessee region, you can tune your radio to 86.5 FM to enjoy the show. If you’re not in Tennessee, you can catch his show on WMOT’s livestream found here.

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