S2FF3 Peter Wingsoe

For our second outing this season in the Famous Folks series, we had the pleasure of speaking with Peter Wingsoe. Renowned as one of the first leaders of the micro-endorsement platform, CEO Peter Wingsoe is an innovator turned serial entrepreneur and veteran of start-ups with over 20 years of experience in retail management, marketing, strategic advisory and business development. With a professional background and distinct aptitude for brand acquisition, expansion and franchising in uncharted markets in Southeast Asia. Wingsoe’s comprehensive knowledge of the international landscape has made him a consummate resource within all partnered organizations he’s consulted on such as Tinder, ad.ly, looksy, Kalibrr, Payra & VMoney as well as TRV, TRIMARK Holdings, TBK, FICO and Retail Specialist Inc.

As Master Franchisor and CEO of MANGO in the Philippines and Thailand over the past 5 years, he recently moved back to the US to serve as the North American CEO of ILLEST International, a legendary streetwear brand experiencing an upsurge in popularity with the latest trends in fashion geared towards their aesthetic.

Peter joins us to talk about his favorite album, Tina Turner’s Private Dancer. Released in May of 1984, Private Dancer was Turner’s fifth studio album. It was also her first release on Capitol Records, and produced seven singles. Peter shares a fantastic story of why this album is special to him.

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