S2E4 The Small Hours (w/ Stephen Clair)

If you’ve been listening to Esoterica the Podcast, you’re used to Aaron and I giving our thoughts on each track of the albums we discuss. For this episode, we had the unique pleasure of having the artist join us for those conversations.

Garage rocker Stephen Clair hails from Beacon, NY. Stephen joins us to talk about his new album The Small Hours, which is being released September 18th.

The Small Hours was recorded in early 2020 just before the pandemic sent us all into lockdown. On full display here is Stephen’s powerful songwriting (the ear worms are everywhere) and his solid trio unit featuring Daria Grace on bass and Aaron Latos on drums while Clair continues guitar duties throughout. It’s spare, taut and fully-realized.
There is something for everyone here: rock and roll songs, jazzy songs, a touch of noir, songs about Nobel scientists and cheap dates, songs of hope with rooftop escapes.

Make sure to check out StephenClair.com for all of Clair’s albums. You can pick up The Small Hours on bandcamp as well.

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