S2E10 Trouble of This World ( w/ Michael Bodner)

Uncle Sinner is Winnipeg-based multi-instrumentalist and singer Michael Bodner, who adapts traditional American music to suit his purposes.  The sound has variously been called gothic Americana, death country, dark folk blues or some combination thereof.  The music embraces the overlap between country and blues, sacred and secular.

Uncle Sinner’s music has spread largely by word of mouth, with some videos getting as many as 100,000 hits on YouTube.  After gaining some initial interest through a myspace page, Uncle Sinner’s first album, Ballads and Mental Breakdowns was released in 2008 on the now-defunct Devil’s Ruin Records.  A limited-time digital album of outtakes and demos, A Pocketful of Glass Eyes was released in 2014 to raise money for recording equipment.  Once some equipment was purchased, Uncle Sinner recorded his second full album, Let the Devil In, released on his own Stomp the Bug label in 2015.  A third album, Trouble of This World, was self-released on Stomp the Bug on March 16, 2020.

Bodner joins us to discuss the writing of Trouble of This World. We have the rare opportunity of not only hearing about the genesis of original songs, but how the traditional ones he has adapted speak to him personally.

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