S2E19 Goosebump

President of the Cryptic Corporation and long time manager of The Residents Homer Flynn joins us once again to discuss one of my all time favorite Resident’s albums: Goosebump.

Released in 1980 as a B-side to the “Diskomo” single, the Resident’s Historical site describes Goosebump thusly:

“The Residents had long planned to produce a children’s record — of sorts. Goosebump is a collection of Mother Goose rhymes set to music with all of the “original sinister overtones” left in place. They teamed up with their long-time collaborator Snakefinger and recorded the songs using only musical instruments bought at Toys-R-Us. Although children’s toys were used to produce the music, The Residents’ grown-up toys were used afterwards in the mixing of the recording.”

It’s definitely an unsettling album, and my search for it launched a 22 year love affair with The Residents.

Homer gives us some background on both the “Diskomo” single and “Goosebump,” along with an update on that the eyeballed ones are up to now. Then Aaron and I give the album a spin and share our thoughts.

Hopefully the good folks at Cherry Red are listening. I suspect I’m not the only one who wants to hear some demos or unreleased tracks from this EP, as well as others.

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