S3E18 you’ll be fine

This week, join us as we listen to the 2020 release from Lansing, Michigan’s own Hot Mulligan. Released on No Sleep Records, their sophomore album is titled you’ll be fine.

In 2015, Hot Mulligan released two EPs titled Fenton and Honest & Cunning via Michigan based label Save Your Generation Records. After signing to No Sleep Records in 2017, Hot Mulligan re-released an EP titled Opportunities (original release on Save Your Generation). In 2018, Hot Mulligan released their debut full-length album titled Pilot on No Sleep Records. In 2020, they released their second album, you’ll be fine, also on No Sleep.

Fronted by lead singer Nathan “Tades” Sanville, Hot Mulligan falls into the emo/math rock camp. When asked about their cryptic song titles, Tades said “Almost none of the titles are significant in any way to the track. They’re just dumb inside jokes that we think make good song titles.”

You can check out the entire album here:

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