S4E1 Esoterica Goes Blue

It is a dark time for the Esoterica. Although the Old Format has been destroyed, Chris and Aaron have driven the show from it’s tried and true methods and created something less likely to make you fall asleep.

Welcome to Season 4! New season, new format, same guys, still no pants. Joining us today is Marty (@OliverRedboots) from the Rod in Flagon Podcast talking to us about his podcast and helping us feel out this new format! 

Be sure to check out our website for your Esoterica the Podcast merch and bonus content! Now, onto the show!

Episode 15: Live, Laugh, Love, Abjuration Rod in Flagon

Highlights:- Boots and Swan take on their biggest challenge yet: fundraising- Artistic genius of destruction- The paperwork of producing golems- Abjuration wizards and you!- Meathead fighter, meet tanning paladin- Tips for dealing with embarrassing moments from high school- The best magic items are not the same thing as your favorite magic items
  1. Episode 15: Live, Laugh, Love, Abjuration
  2. Episode 14: Forget it Swan, it's the Feywild
  3. Episode 13: A Pan-tastic Wedding
  4. Episode 12: Waterdeep HOA
  5. Episode 11: Thief Emeritus

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