S4E1 Esoterica Goes Blue

It is a dark time for the Esoterica. Although the Old Format has been destroyed, Chris and Aaron have driven the show from it’s tried and true methods and created something less likely to make you fall asleep.

Welcome to Season 4! New season, new format, same guys, still no pants. Joining us today is Marty (@OliverRedboots) from the Rod in Flagon Podcast talking to us about his podcast and helping us feel out this new format! 

Be sure to check out our website for your Esoterica the Podcast merch and bonus content! Now, onto the show!

Episode 28: Post Mirt-em Rod in Flagon

Highlights:- Getting arrested in Waterdeep after bar hopping with Mirt- Swan taking over some Luskan engineering- When upcasting goes wrong- Boots opens the chest, and finds something unexpected- Thou shalt not mix pocket dimensions- Some monks will love you to death- Beholder reproduction- Donations to the (recap) Salvation Army are appreciated—Thank you for downloading and listening to Rod In Flagon!  Help us spread the word ahead of our Winter Solstice charity drive – where we will donate some amount (TBD) for every download the Winter Solstice episode receives the week it is posted.  More details to come!
  1. Episode 28: Post Mirt-em
  2. Episode 27: Mirt (with very special guest Ed Greenwood)
  3. Episode 26: The First Rule of Adventuring
  4. Episode 25: The Value of Wall Sconces
  5. Episode 24: Double Freedom Daggers

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