Tonight at 8pm: Sh!t Fl!x

Continuing our run of Sunday evening live streams, tonight (April 19th) we will be coming to you live on Facebook! Our topic tonight is “Three Worst Movies.” Each of us will be coming with our own three worst list. Arguments are sure to ensue! Drop by our Facebook page and join the conversation!

S1E10 Wormwood

Gimme that old time religion, it’s good enough for me! In honor of Holy Week, and what has turned out to be a very subdued Easter this year, we decided to take a gander at some of the more esoteric stories in the Bible. Join us as we review The Resident’s 1998 album Wormwood: Curious … More S1E10 Wormwood

Livestream Sunday!

Hey Esoterics! We’ll be doing another livestream Sunday April 5th at 8pm on Youtube! You can now view all of our livestreams on the new livestreams tab above! We’re looking forward to interacting with you on Sunday and hoping you stay safe during these strange times.

S1E9 Cosmic

This is an exciting milestone for us here at Esoterica the Podcast. Instead of Aaron and I simply sharing our musings on an album, we were fortunate enough to have two of the band members join us via Zoom to do a track by track deep dive! Cosmic is a 2019 release from the band … More S1E9 Cosmic

S1E8 Bundle of Joy

“I’m troubled by shapeless fears. Who could live in the modern world without catching his share of them?” This episode is overshadowed by some not so shapeless fears. As Aaron and I launched into our musings, news broke that American treasure Tom Hanks had contracted COVID-19 and the government was suspending all travel from Europe. … More S1E8 Bundle of Joy

S1E7 Bay Faction

Boston based Berklee boys Bay Faction are the subject of this episode. Their eponymous album was released in 2015, and appears to have largely disappeared from their online presence. Before diving into the album, we take some time to muse on the current COVID-19 pandemic. This will more than likely permeate a number of our … More S1E7 Bay Faction

S1E5 Sports

Hello, esoterics. So this was probably the most fun we have had (to date) recording an episode. Modern Baseball may not fall into the classic definition of esoteric, but they’re an indie band and a personal favorite of Aaron. We take a deeper dive than usual going into the individual tracks this time around. I … More S1E5 Sports


Exciting news, esoterics! First, you may have noticed our online presence has changed. No more Little People, we now have our own logo! A huge thank you to my awesome sister in law for designing it for us. Also, our website is up! One stop to find our episodes, info, news, links, Facebook and Instagram … More Branding!

S1E3 Drop Dead!

Chris here. This was our first episode recorded with actual microphones. The levels are a little wonky in the final mix, but the content was good. In this episode, Aaron and I discuss the Cube Rule. A lively debate ensues. I stand by my position that cereal is not, and never will be, a soup. … More S1E3 Drop Dead!