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S2E19 Goosebump

President of the Cryptic Corporation and long time manager of The Residents Homer Flynn joins us once again to discuss one of my all time favorite Resident’s albums: Goosebump. Released in 1980 as a B-side to the “Diskomo” single, the Resident’s Historical site describes Goosebump thusly: “The Residents had long planned to produce a children’s … More S2E19 Goosebump

S2E18 Christmas In the Stars

“The odds against Christmas being Christmas are 365 to 1.” Often times when people think of Star Wars and the holiday season, they think of the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special. But that wasn’t Lucasfilm’s only foray into yuletide cheer. In 1980, RSO Records released a charming album titled Christmas in the Stars: Star Wars … More S2E18 Christmas In the Stars

S2E17 No Dogs Allowed

We’ve covered a fair number of Massachusetts based bands on our podcast, and this episode is no different. Although from New Jersey, our artist of the week self published her album while attending Northeastern University in Boston. Sidney Gish is an American singer-songwriter. Her first album, Ed Buys Houses, was self-released on Bandcamp in 2016. Her second album, No Dogs Allowed, was … More S2E17 No Dogs Allowed

S2E14 Dope Humor of the Seventies (w/ David Ossman)

Called “The Beatles of Comedy” by The Library of Congress, the four-man Firesign Theatre wrote and performed together for over forty years, but their early studio work (1968-1975) for Columbia Records remains their best known and most influential. Innumerable phrases from their albums have entered the English lexicon: What’s all this brouhaha? More Sugar! What you … More S2E14 Dope Humor of the Seventies (w/ David Ossman)

S2E13 Musique pour Supermarché

And now for something truly esoteric. Musique pour Supermarché (English title: Music for Supermarkets) is the sixth studio album by electronic musician and composer Jean-Michel Jarre. Only a single copy was pressed and distributed, and its master plates were deliberately destroyed. In 1983, Jean-Michel Jarre was asked to compose the background music for the supermarket-themed art exhibition Orrimbe show. Jarre agreed, recording Musique pour Supermarché (English: Music for … More S2E13 Musique pour Supermarché

S2E11 Infamous Angel

“Everybody’s wonderin’ what and where they all came from” This week’s episode once again finds us exploring the Americana genre, this time with our first look at a female artist. Iris DeMent is a two time Grammy nominee signer-songwriter. Her musical stylings incorporate elements of folk, country and gospel. “Iris DeMent makes music that celebrates … More S2E11 Infamous Angel

S2E10 Trouble of This World ( w/ Michael Bodner)

Uncle Sinner is Winnipeg-based multi-instrumentalist and singer Michael Bodner, who adapts traditional American music to suit his purposes.  The sound has variously been called gothic Americana, death country, dark folk blues or some combination thereof.  The music embraces the overlap between country and blues, sacred and secular. Uncle Sinner’s music has spread largely by word of mouth, with … More S2E10 Trouble of This World ( w/ Michael Bodner)

S2E9 Parachutes

For our latest episode, we revisit musician Frank Iero. This time around, we take a listen to his 2016 album Parachutes. On this album he is backed by The Patience. Iero is an American musician who is the rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist for My Chemical Romance and post hardcore band Leathermouth. He has released … More S2E9 Parachutes

S2E8 Dempsey

For this episode, we take a listen to Dead Poet Society‘s 2016 EP Dempsey. Dead Poet Society (DPS) is an edgy groove rock band based out of Boston, MA. The band’s four members (Jack Underkofler, Jack Collins, Nick Taylor, Will Goodroad) met and formed DPS while attending the Berklee College of Music and Wentworth Institute of … More S2E8 Dempsey

S2E7 Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House

“You are a bold and courageous person. Afraid of nothing.” With these words we begin our journey into the chilling, thrilling world of the haunted house! First released in 1964, Disneyland Records (now known as Walt Disney Records) album Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House offered up “stories in sound” meant to scare and … More S2E7 Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House

S2E6 Murder Ballads

“When the storm clouds gather ’round you And heavy rains descend Just remember that death is not the end” The month of October is upon us, and we get in to the spirit of the season with an album of dark, dreadful musings. In 1996, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds released their ninth studio … More S2E6 Murder Ballads

S2E3 Barriers

We continue our album reviews with Frank Iero and the Future Violents’ album Barriers. Frank Iero first rose to fame as the rhythm guitarist for My Chemical Romance. In 2014, Iero released his first solo album. Since then, he has released several albums under an ever changing band moniker: frnkiero and the cellabration, Frank Iero … More S2E3 Barriers

S2E2 Sackcloth & Ashes

Let there be no hesitationGet a rope and make it quickEach last breath come from his mouthI will beat it out with a stick We start off our second season discussing the mesmerizing sounds of 16 Horsepower’s 1996 debut, Sackcloth & Ashes. Formed in Los Angeles in 1992, 16 Horsepower was a band that defied … More S2E2 Sackcloth & Ashes

S2E1 Geocaching!

I use multi-million dollar satellites to find Tupperware in the woods. What’s your hobby? Welcome to Season Two of Esoterica the Podcast! We’re pretty excited about all of our new content. So, let’s dive on in! For our first episode, we discuss one of our favorite pastimes, geocaching! If you’re not familiar with the sport, … More S2E1 Geocaching!