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S3E16 Your Favorite Weapon

This week take a listen to a band from the Long Island scene, Brand New. Formed in 2000, by bassist and drummer Garrett Tierney and Brian Lane from the ashes of Rookie Lot. The band consists of Jesse Lacey (vocals, guitar), Vincent Accardi (guitar, vocals), Garrett Tierney (bass guitar, vocals), and Brian Lane (drums, percussion). The band is … More S3E16 Your Favorite Weapon

S1E21 Trying

After knocking back a cold Sam Adams’ Porch Rocker to celebrate our last regular episode of the season, Aaron and I discuss local band Something Saturday’s album Trying. Vocalist Aaron Christian joins us to discuss the album track by track, as well as talk about the recording process. Something Saturday was created from the ashes … More S1E21 Trying

S1E20 Singing Bones

“But until I hit the bottom, I won’t believe that it’s bottomless.” For our twentieth episode (!!), we take a listen to some gothic Americana from the alternative country band The Handsome Family. Comprising of husband and wife duo Brett and Rennie Sparks, The Handsome Family have been creating their unique sound since 1993. Aaron … More S1E20 Singing Bones

S1E17 Untainted

Special guests Jake Morse and Nick Cronin, the artists of this week’s album, join us to discuss the 2016 release “Untainted”, Jake’s newest singles “Something About U” and “Selfless Self-Improvement“, and future projects. We enjoy their discussions with Jake and Nick with a tall glass of Yoo-hoo…cue Song 2 by Blur! You can check out … More S1E17 Untainted

S1E16 Frank & Clyde Play the Music You’ve Asked For (w/ Homer Flynn)

“The biggest little band in the land!” We’re pretty excited about this episode. Rather than discussing one of our favorite esoteric albums, we have a guest who shares his! Homer Flynn, president of the Cryptic Corporation and manager of The Residents, joins us to discuss life during the pandemic, what The Residents have been up … More S1E16 Frank & Clyde Play the Music You’ve Asked For (w/ Homer Flynn)

S1E15 Reruns

For this episode, we take a listen to Attleboro, MA based Bicycle Inn’s 2016 release Reruns. Bicycle Inn can be found on Bandcamp by clicking here. The band members (Noah Aguiar, Declan Moloney and Joshua Carrascal) met each other in 2016 through a youth ministry worship band. Self described as born again Christians, their faith … More S1E15 Reruns

S1E14 Hi, How Are You

There’ll be no more pushing Joe around, no more pushing Joe around. There are artists, there are esoteric artists, and then there are outsider artists. The term “outsider art” was coined by Roger Cardinal as a synonym for “art brut” or raw art. That label was created by French artist Jean Dubuffet to describe art … More S1E14 Hi, How Are You

S1E13.5 May the Fourth

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… For some of us, the last two months have turned into one long, endless blob. Weekdays are now known as Today and Otherday. Time has little meaning. Such is life in the time of COVID-19. Except for today. Today is May 4th, also known as … More S1E13.5 May the Fourth

S1E13 The Drug In Me Is You

Dr. Pepper & Cream Soda and breakups. That’s how we start off this episode. Our album for Episode 13 is “The Drug In Me Is You” from the Las Vegas based band Falling in Reverse. The album was released in 2011, and spawned the band’s first music video for the title track. You can check … More S1E13 The Drug In Me Is You

S1E12 The In Sound From Way Out!

Early electronic music pioneers Jean-Jacque Perrey and Gershon Kingsley collaborated in 1966 while working at Vanguard Records and produced the album “The In Sound From Way Out,” one of the very first electronic music albums. The result was a zany, entertaining album that sounds like it came straight out of a cartoon. For this episode, … More S1E12 The In Sound From Way Out!

S1E10 Wormwood

Gimme that old time religion, it’s good enough for me! In honor of Holy Week, and what has turned out to be a very subdued Easter this year, we decided to take a gander at some of the more esoteric stories in the Bible. Join us as we review The Resident’s 1998 album Wormwood: Curious … More S1E10 Wormwood

S1E9 Cosmic

This is an exciting milestone for us here at Esoterica the Podcast. Instead of Aaron and I simply sharing our musings on an album, we were fortunate enough to have two of the band members join us via Zoom to do a track by track deep dive! Cosmic is a 2019 release from the band … More S1E9 Cosmic

S1E8 Bundle of Joy

“I’m troubled by shapeless fears. Who could live in the modern world without catching his share of them?” This episode is overshadowed by some not so shapeless fears. As Aaron and I launched into our musings, news broke that American treasure Tom Hanks had contracted COVID-19 and the government was suspending all travel from Europe. … More S1E8 Bundle of Joy

S1E7 Bay Faction

Boston based Berklee boys Bay Faction are the subject of this episode. Their eponymous album was released in 2015, and appears to have largely disappeared from their online presence. Before diving into the album, we take some time to muse on the current COVID-19 pandemic. This will more than likely permeate a number of our … More S1E7 Bay Faction

S1E6 A GI’s Germany!

Dies war eine interessante Folge! We started off by sampling Flathead Lake’s Huckleberry Soda. Easier going down than some of the brands that we have tried, but a little too fruity. This was followed by a lively talk concerning ethnic pride (link to George Carlin’s take on the subject) and the newly minted Space Force. … More S1E6 A GI’s Germany!

S1E5 Sports

Hello, esoterics. So this was probably the most fun we have had (to date) recording an episode. Modern Baseball may not fall into the classic definition of esoteric, but they’re an indie band and a personal favorite of Aaron. We take a deeper dive than usual going into the individual tracks this time around. I … More S1E5 Sports

S1E4.5 Smarch Weather

This year is a Leap Year. In honor of an extra day, Aaron and I decided to record a short bonus episode. We reviewed one song, Tim Rose’s Long Time Man, instead of a whole album. The majority of this episode, clocking in at a scant 16 minutes, revolves around a discussion of leap day … More S1E4.5 Smarch Weather

S1E4 Use of the Headlock Dummy

Hey, Chris again. For this episode, we take a listen to The Sound Museum Presents Use of the Headlock Dummy, a compilation album of Boston based bands from 1988. Continuing our inadvertent tradition of sampling offbeat sodas, we try out Simpson Spring’s coffee soda. This is followed by a discussion about shungite soap and a … More S1E4 Use of the Headlock Dummy

S1E3 Drop Dead!

Chris here. This was our first episode recorded with actual microphones. The levels are a little wonky in the final mix, but the content was good. In this episode, Aaron and I discuss the Cube Rule. A lively debate ensues. I stand by my position that cereal is not, and never will be, a soup. … More S1E3 Drop Dead!

S1E2 Jaws of the Shark

This was our first actual episode where we followed a set format, and would shape the episodes that follow. We start with musings on a particular subject before launching into a review of an esoteric album. This episode was also recorded on a cell phone, so the sound quality is not the greatest. Since this … More S1E2 Jaws of the Shark

S1E1 Expository Musings

Hey, Chris here. Expository Musings was our first episode. Recorded on my phone, it’s our origin story. We talk about the idea behind Esoterica the Podcast, and get a feel for how our conversations translate to a podcast. Rough but entertaining. We reviewed Orangina, and discovered they had a very strange and unsettling ad campaign. … More S1E1 Expository Musings